All collected money is used for support deaf & hard of hearing children.
People from foundation and artists are not taking financial benefits from their work.

Purchasing equipment and accessories

Collection money for stuff necessary for functioning and development of entities and organizations working with deaf and hearing-impaired children.

Partial fundingof hearing aids for individuals

Collection money for partial purchase of hearing aids which are necessary for individuals who cannot afford to buy by own self.

Helpingthose in need

Our brains are naturally adjusted to empathy. Helping other people is brining benefits for our own health like lower blood preassure for example.

Promotionindependent music

By presenting music of artists who are not indifferent to deaf and hard of hearing people, we promote independent music in general.

A few words of


I am the kind of person who, like many musicians, perceives the world via surrounding sounds. Who knows the world’s power and uniqueness of different pulsating melodies, hums, cracks, rhythms better than the people who penetrate it from the angle of sonic frequencies? What other person understands better the hardship resulting from the lack or limited ability of using the sense of hearing?

After years of running the Industrial Culture Records (and other activities like Kultura Industrialna, Frequency Institute, art Liberation or Interfector Underground zine, which I was doing during last 20 years), being involved in various music formations and writing blogs and services devoted to independent music sufficient contacts and knowledge have been gained in order to run a charity event devoted to deaf and hearing-impaired children. In the years 2011-2012 I ran a similar charity event called “Audiosupport 4 Children/Soundwave On Duty”, from which the funds were transferred to the London organization of National Deaf Children’s Society. After returning to Poland my willingness to proceed with this activity led to creating the Foundation for the Individual Development “Work Power Energy” in order to adapt this idea in Poland with better results.

Alan Kyne Perry
Foundation’s chairman, label manager



Money we collect are divided into one-time grants/donations for purchase of mentioned equipment, accessories or speech therapy programs for deaf and hearing-impaired children, in the amount of 1000 Polish Zloty (about 233 EURO or 263 USD). Donations are directed to civilians, who are also challenged by financial problems or organizations like clinics or hospitals which are struggling with financial difficulties with buying specialized equipment for treatment deaf and hearing-impaired children and adults. Application form can be downloaded from platform of the Foundation in Polish language.

By dividing collected money for grants we are able to help larger amount of children without keeping money too long. We want to use all support from people who are buying legal music in wise way by realization of all foundations of this project.



Purchase legal music and support those who cannot enjoy beauty of the sound on daily basis and support independent music artists.


of single grant/donation




Our Contact Info

Feel free to ask anything about this action and cooperation with us. We are inviting also artists who can donate their music to support this action.

Foundation for the Individual Development „Power Work Energy” has been founded in 2014. We are young activity, however it consists people involved in many non-profit undertakings for over last 20 years. We have got enough experience and will to create unique activity which got real, positive impact on surrounding world. Also supported by young people, projects we are involved in are aimed at:

  • supporting the personal development of men, women and children, with particular emphasis on discovering own potentials,
  • supporting small, local business and growth of small companies,
  • charitable activities through social actions and events, with particular emphasis on deaf and hard of hearing children and disabled children,
  • promotion of culture, art and education,
  • promotion of healthy way of life.


Kazimierza Wielkiego 27c
50-077 Wrocław, Poland
Phone: +48 791122154

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